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Slider Windows

Value Windows and Doors receives many inquiries on slider windows every year.  The most frequent question is about wanting to know the difference between the two types of slider windows – single sliders and double sliders and where they are to be installed. Here is a brief description of each type.

Single slider – With a single slider window, only one of the sliders is operable. One sash or glass panel slides over another glass panel, which is fixed. Since the window opens horizontally, it allows for quick and easy access to fresh air, increasing room ventilation instantly, while improving the overall lighting.

Double slider – True to its name, in a double slider window, both the glass panes can be moved horizontally and at the same time. These are more versatile than single sliders and offer greater convenience.

The only difference between a single slider and a double slider is that in the latter, both the sashes slide horizontally. In both types, you can either keep the windows open by a crack or open them to cover half the sash area. You can also apply a screen to the exterior of the window to prevent the entry of rodents and insects.

What benefits do you stand to gain from slider windows?

 These windows come with weather strips, which make them energy efficient and weatherproof. The weather strip seals the window against water, dust, pollen and wind, keeping your home insulated and clean. These windows are also called gliding windows because the sashes are made from low friction material which enables them to glide smoothly.

Slider windows are quite popular in modern and contemporary homes. You will usually find these windows installed over sinks, though they are not limited to these places. Many people find these windows to be easy and quick to open. Moreover, because they can be opened without taking up space, in many homes they are installed next to patios, walkways and other places, where you would not want a window protrusion to be a distraction.

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