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Awning Windows

Awnings windows are perfect if you are short of space, but still want to install a window at a certain spot. They open at the top and hinge outwards, making the best use of the available space. You can even have two or more awning windows side by side, to enhance the visual appeal of your home. These windows are both highly appealing as well as functional and are good alternatives to other windows, if you want to increase the natural light and the ventilation in any room. Value Windows and Doors is the go-to company for awning window installations in Mississauga and neighboring places.

Features of awning windows

Awning windows pack the main features of other types of windows. When you close them, the weatherstrip acts as a barrier against water and air, in all types of weather. So whether it is sunny, stormed-in or freezing, you can be sure that the awning windows installed by us will do their job.

In summer you can keep the window open and get an unobstructed view of your surroundings. During the rains too, the windows can be kept open within a limit (the hinges on the top are an advantage). When conditions inside the house become too humid, you benefit from the ventilation while also preventing the rain from entering your house.

Awning windows push out more air than they drawn in. They also make a good combination with other windows. Their small size also makes them perfect for small spaces.

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If you want to install awning windows in your Mississauga home or anywhere in the surrounding areas, then Value Windows and Doors has the right solutions for you. Our window installation expert will review various options, features and prices with you and also answer any questions that you have on awning windows. Moreover, we encourage you to discuss the look that you want for your home and we will give you our assessment of the cost as well as scope of the work.

To learn more about awning windows and whether they are suitable for your home or not, please call us at 905.670.8888. You can also get the free evaluation and quotation by filling the form here.

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