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Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is frequently touted as one of the most advanced construction materials for doorways. The advantage that the fiberglass door offers is that it blends the best of steel and wooden doors, by having the strength of the former and the look of the latter. The fiberglass construction ensures that the doors meet the primary needs of performance, security and energy efficiency, while their aesthetics and design are just as appealing.

Fiberglass needs little to no maintenance, and has long-lasting capabilities. You won’t have to re-stain or re-paint the door for ages, only occasionally wipe it down to remove dust or grime.  Its durable nature does not succumb to wear and tear, warps, twists or scratches! The wood grained texture of the fiberglass door has a smooth finish that makes it an elegant entrance of your home. Fiberglass doors can be accented with any texture or color, based on the look and feel that you’re trying to create for your home. They can be finished with high, semi or flat gloss for a smooth, polished appearance. The best part is the door won’t rust or rot, keeping that classy wooden look for years to follow.

Fiberglass is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions. It is resistant to corrosion, and compares exceptionally well to other materials in cases of humid or salty air, sun exposure, extreme temperatures and/or exposure to acidic chemicals. Fiberglass also boasts insulation levels that are five times that of wood, and conducts neither heat nor cold, thereby keeping a check on your energy bills. A fiberglass door also has good noise insulation that prevents outside noise from reaching you, giving you the peace and quiet you deserve in the comfort of your home!

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