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Tips For Choosing The Best Shutters In Milton For Your Home

Are you ready to purchase new shutters in Milton, but aren’t sure how to make your selection?   Value Windows and Doors can help. We consult with homeowners about every esthetic preference and functional need to ensure that they feel informed when purchasing their new shutters in Milton. Our tips for a successful purchasing experience include:

Size and placement: Our line of shutters in Milton is designed to enhance the overall look of a home’s interior as well as improve curb appeal. The first thing that we discuss with clients to achieve this goal is the amount of room they have for shutters. We will work with you to gain accurate measurements of the space you have and plan the right size and placement for your new product.

Proper hardware: All too often, the team at Value Windows and Doors notices improper hardware on installed shutters. We firmly believe that having the right hardware on your shutters is a must; the right hardware will not only improve the look of the product, but it can also ensure that you can move them out of the way should you need to paint and/or repair the exterior of your house. Our installation experts use only the very best hardware items to guarantee a great installation.

Materials: For some of our clients, real wood is truly the only option. They love the traditional, authentic look of shutters made from this material. However, as with any wood product, wear and tear can take its toll. For homeowners looking for a great final look with minimal maintenance, vinyl and composite shutters prove a perfect solution.

Color and style: When working with Value Windows and Doors for shutters in Milton, you’ll quickly learn that the sky is virtually the limit! We proudly offer a comprehensive inventory of options with the very latest brand names and materials. No matter what your ideal home exterior is, Value Windows and Doors can help you turn it into a reality!

When you’re ready to select the right shutters in Milton for your home, Value Windows and Doors can help. Contact us today to connect with one of our industry experts and get started!

Four Things To Consider When Buying Blinds In Oakville

Here at Value Windows and Doors, we know that the reason for purchasing new blinds in Oakville can vary. Some of our customers are beginning their new home construction and want to be sure they have the perfect look on their interior windows. Some have decided it’s time to replace their current windows and want new blinds to complement the look. Still others have simply grown tired of their current blinds in Oakville and are hoping to spruce up their interior decor with fun, new styles and designs.

How to Ensure You’ll Enjoy Your New Blinds in Oakville

Whatever the reason for deciding to purchase new blinds, there are a few factors to consider so you can be sure you will find the perfect look, style and fit for your interior décor. Getting the proper measurements on all of your windows is really the best place to start. At Value Windows and Doors, we can work with you to pinpoint the precise measurements of any window in your home so you get a perfect final fit with your blinds in Oakville.

The purpose of the blinds in your home will also play a key role in choosing the best style and model. For some of our customers, privacy is the top priority. However, others want to make sure that they have full control over the amount of light allowed into a room throughout the day. Some of our customers want blinds that help to heat or cool the home and for others, it’s pure esthetics that is their primary focus. No matter what the purpose of your blinds, we can help you find a model that delivers any type of function that has made your checklist.

Finally, both color and materials also come into play when searching for a style that will complement the existing decor. At Value Windows and Doors, our blinds come in a comprehensive selection of materials and colors; whether you’re looking for an understated look or hoping to add a burst of color, we can help you find a perfect match that truly complements your decor with winning results!

To see a selection of blinds in Oakville, visit our gallery today.

Key Advantages of Fiberglass Doors Mississauga

Purchasing a new door can be a fun time for homeowners in Mississauga and throughout the region. Not only will new doors enhance the look and style of a home, but today’s door designs actually deliver a wide range of distinctive features and advantages as well. What’s one popular option for homeowners with virtually every type of taste and preference? Fiberglass doors.

Value Windows And Doors: Leading Provider Of Fiberglass Doors In Mississauga

As a leading provider of fiberglass doors in Mississauga and throughout the region, the team at Value Windows and Doors knows firsthand the many benefits that this style can deliver to our customers. What’s a key feature that our homeowners love? Our fiberglass doors in Mississauga can be styled to look like a traditional wooden door.

However, unlike conventional wooden styles, our line of fiberglass doors in Mississauga are made of durable materials that can withstand even the most dramatic weather fluctuations without compromise. Best of all, because they mirror wooden models (right down to having an actual visible “grain” on them), fiberglass styles can be used virtually anywhere. We can easily install these models in an exterior entrance, breezeways, as French doors, and even as access to the garage for a final look and feel that our clients love.

Additionally, fiberglass doors offer homeowners optimal durability and low-maintenance care. When choosing a door from our extensive catalog of selections, you will enjoy a stylish final look that will rarely warp, peel or scratch. Even cleaning fiberglass doors proves far simpler than attempting to wash their wooden counterparts.

Fiberglass Doors In Mississauga Provide Unparalleled Warmth And Insulation

Best of all, our fiberglass doors in Mississauga are filled with a layer of insulating foam. The result? These high-performing door options offer homeowners energy-saving insulation properties. Your home will be warmer and you’ll enjoy the benefits of minimized drafts with these modern, top-quality door models.

Want to learn more about our fiberglass models? Visit Value Windows and Doors online to view our selection.

Top Reason Why You Should Consider Casement Windows In Milton

Looking for a sound alternative to double hung windows in your Milton home? You may want to consider casement windows. Milton homeowners looking for a different look and style on both the interior and exterior of their homes often choose casement windows as an ideal solution.

Understanding The Benefits Of Casement Windows In Milton

Beyond delivering a distinctive look and style when compared to other options, choosing casement windows in Milton offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

Easy to open: Casement options feature a crank that opens the pane via a metal track. What’s the benefit of this? These options not only open easily, even in crowded, awkward spaces, they also open completely, unlike their double hung counterparts that only open halfway.

Energy efficiency: The design of casement windows requires a highly-effective, integrated seal. When installed properly, this seal eliminates the chance of air and outside elements coming in through the window when it’s closed, making it an optimal energy efficient option.

Offer homeowner security: When it comes to delivering maximum homeowner security, fewer options outperform casement windows. Various models offer locks placed into the actual frame of the window itself, allowing homeowners to easily secure the structure. Also, because casement windows rely on a crank to open, homeowners don’t have to worry about outsiders simply sliding the window open and gaining access to the property.

Control of airflow: Standard, conventional styles only allow air in if it’s blowing directly through the sill. However, because casement models crank open, they provide homeowners with optimal airflow control. You can simply crank the window to the best angle based on where the wind is blowing and maximize flow through the screen.

Purchasing Casement Windows In Milton From Value Windows And Doors

When you’re ready to purchase casement windows in Milton, Value Windows and Doors can help. We proudly offer an unparalleled selection of state-of-the-art casement models to fit virtually every size of space. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, or simply hoping to make your property more energy efficient, Value Windows and Doors can help you find the perfect style of window to suit your needs. Visit us online today for a FREE in-home assessment and quote.

Do Your Exterior Doors In Brampton Reflect Your Personality?

The exterior doors you choose for your home say a lot about your sense of style as well as your personality. A traditional wood grain door with ornate trim says something completely different from what a sleek, steel door with no trim says. Take a drive around your neighbourhood and you’ll soon discover that the exterior doors Brampton homeowners choose can tell you something about their personality and lifestyle.

Steel Exterior Doors For Practical, Family-Oriented Homeowners

There are several advantages to steel doors that appeal to practical homeowners. They are low maintenance and they won’t bow or warp as temperatures change. They can be painted any colour, but you’ll only have to paint them once every several years. Steel exterior doors in Brampton are also easy on the wallet and energy efficient, providing plenty of insulation to keep out the weather. They also appeal to homeowners who are family oriented; with less maintenance there is more time for doing things with kids and your spouse and less time spent scraping and painting. Did we mention the security value of steel exterior doors? Brampton homeowners want their homes to be safe and secure for their families. Steel doors deliver superior security at an affordable price.

Why Fiberglass Exterior Doors Are Brampton Favorites

Homeowners who opt for fiberglass exterior doors for their Brampton homes are just as practical as those shopping for steel doors, but with a love of beauty and tradition as well. Fiberglass doors have the lowest maintenance requirements of any kind of residential door and they resist the denting and scratching that may come with a steel door. Because the material can be easily manipulated during the manufacturing process, fiberglass exterior doors in Brampton can have a rich, wood grain feel to them or have a smooth surface. Fiberglass insulates five times as well as wood and feels comfortable to the touch even if it is bitterly cold outside. The versatility of fiberglass exterior doors for Brampton homes often appeals to individuals who are interested in beauty and who want only the finest exterior doors available. They also appeal to individuals who have invested in an older, historic home and want the look of a traditional wood door combined with the practicality of a steel door. They are willing to pay a bit more to get it.

Sliding Exterior Doors For Active Families

If your family is constantly in and out of the house or frequently using the patio, sliding exterior doors make Brampton families happy. Because you can see everything outside, it’s easier to entertain both indoors and out. If you have small children who love playing in the yard, a glass slider is the perfect way to keep tabs on them while you’re in the house.
Still not sure whether steel, fiberglass or sliding exterior doors are right for your home? Fill out our online contact form here to schedule a complimentary visit from one of Value Windows and Doors’ experts to discuss your needs, or call us at 1-844-670-8008 to learn more.

Patio Doors In Mississauga Are Increasingly Popular With Homeowners

Patio doors in Mississauga are becoming more popular as more people discover their unique blend of beauty and practicality. For most families, patio doors in Mississauga homes are the ideal way to beautifully open up their house to the outdoors. They offer several advantages over French doors and other exterior elements, including:

More Usable Living Space

Because patio doors slide past each other on an overlapping track, you don’t have to decide whether you want to open them into the room or out onto your porch or patio. Either way, doors that open onto a space you would otherwise be using can be awkward and limiting. If you don’t have the square footage you’d prefer in your living room, having a door that opens into the room will shrink the space even farther because you’ll have to leave several feet of space open for the door. The same goes for doors opening onto your patio or porch, particularly if it is a smaller area.

More Natural Sunlight

Letting the sun shine into your house year round can brighten up the interior and give you that warm, cozy feeling. Patio doors in Mississauga can let natural sunshine into any room in your house. It will not only visually warm up the room, it will also help to reduce eye strain. Artificial light simply doesn’t offer the same advantages. Of course, having a lower fuel bill for lighting is also a bonus of letting sunlight stream through clear glass instead of flipping a switch to illuminate your home.

The Beauty Of Sliding Doors

Homeowners have discovered that the impressive array of patio doors in Mississauga now available at Value Windows & Doors can create a dilemma – which sliding doors do Mississauga homes look best with? The wide expanse of glass, uninterrupted by a window sill, panes or a partial wall, is the real beauty because it gives everyone a clear, spacious view of the outdoors. Choosing the trim colours, hardware and other features can be quite a task, but our experts can help you pick the perfect sliding doors for your Mississauga home. Simply call Value Windows & Doors at 1.844.670.8008 for a FREE, no-obligation home visit, or stop by our showroom at 6965 Davand Dr. Unit 14 in Mississauga to browse our selection of patio doors for Mississauga and the surrounding area.

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